Aubin corset pattern by Atelier Sylphe - Part 1

Aubin corset pattern by Atelier Sylphe - Part 1

I was recently contact by a potential client to construct an 1860s corset, as underpinnings for a reenactment ensemble, which has always been an era that has held a fascination.  So jumping in with both feet, I immediately started researching my pattern hoard and lo and behold, not a single pattern. A shocking oversight!

While my fashion plate books have scaled patterns and drawing for this era, I do not have a fully sized draft (and little inclination to scale patterns atm), so I turned to Etsy, a mixed treasure trove of pattern sources.  Two patterns piqued my interest

1.  1860s gored corset by Red Threaded - based on an extant example held in the V&A fashion collection (image below)

V&A 1864 Corset

2.  AUBIN mid 1800s gored corset by Atelier Sylphe - based on an extant example in the collection of the designer.

I ultimately went with the Atelier Sylphe pattern for several reasons

  • Pattern taken directly from a period piece with notations made on the pattern of original features
  • Positive experiences with other Atelier Sylphe patterns
  • The Red Threaded pattern (& the original V&A example) have bones which terminate at the waist - 😣 OUCH!
  • Welt seams are used throughout the pattern, which is my favourite construction method - so beautifully clean inside and out 💕

So this beautiful pattern is now siting on my worktable waiting to be sewn together... stay tuned for details