What is a corset?

A rigid garment that covers the torso and alters the shape of the figure, generally cinching the waist.  To qualify as a corset, it must lace to close, be made from fabric with no stretch, contain a boning structure and preferably utilise a busk closure.


What size corset should I order?

Please refer to our sizing chart to determine your corset size.


Can I breathe in a corset?  Will it hurt to wear?

Corsets are designed to restrict and reduce the waist of the wearer, which may feel different at first.  The goal is not to restrict your breathing or cause you pain, but a corset will be a tighter fit than modern garments.  Please refer to our sizing chart to determine your correct size.


What is “Fit for Purpose”?

Fit for purpose determines the usage of the garment constructed.  As Whitelane creates corsetry designed for a wide range of clients, some garments are constructed to be more robust than others.  For example, a bridal client would expect to wear a corset for a single event and therefore their garment will be constructed from lighter materials and seam finishes.  However, a burlesque performer would be expected to wear the same corset on multiple occasions and therefore would require a garment constructed from heavier materials and finishes.  Should your choose to wear your Whitelane corset without regarding it’s “Fit for Purpose” classification, you may damage the garment and invalidate it’s warranty.  

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