2023 sewing plans

2023 sewing plans

This year is going to the one where I actually follow though with making my own wardrobe.

Yeah, right!  I hear your doubt internet, but I'm determined to carve out some time for myself this year and have already started out strong.  Besides, my current selection of clothes is pretty minimal, so I've got no choice but to make stuff.

I started the year with the obligatory introspection that most of us experience with New Year's Resolutions and the onslaught of "inspirational" social media posts over the Christmas/New year break.  In my defence, I had three weeks off and no responsibilities as far as commission or alterations work, so I had plenty of time to dream and deep dive on my fashion style aspirations.

And apparently Goth/alt fashion is hot stuff again.  My inner teenager rejoiced that I might be able to indulge in my version of this style, with a mature edge of course.  I had no intention of re-living that awkward period.

So, deep diving on this style influence, I came across the concept of Dark Academia, which resonated with me.  Edgy, a little dark with a classic style base - this I could work with.  It's comforting that my style could be articulated into classification or style type, as I had been more or less dressing with this in mind for a while.  And finding a "tribe" of similarly like minded individuals makes one feel less alone.

I started with redecorating my space with the decor/artwork/furnishings I had on hand and they were surprisingly cohesive.  All I had needed to put these elements together was a little direction and an element to focus on.  I found the blog post/YouTube video from ModaMisfit incredibly helpful.

And what else was I going to focus on but my passion - Historic fashion.  Hence the concept of Dark Academia seamstress was born, which pulled my gothic styling together with my fashion focus.  Elements that I had to work with include dark stained antique furniture (inherited both both Grandmothers), a fabulous black ironwork bed frame, dark red furnishings, a gold velvet armchair and plenty of artwork in dark gothic frames (from my stint as a picture framer).  Throw my handmade furnishings/throws, antique textile tools and a dressmakers manikin into the mix and I had discovered my style.  And I must say, once finished I felt extremely calm in my new space.

That done, it was time to focus on my wardrobe.  So, I pulled up my trusty Canva wardrobe planner and got to work.  This is what I came up with...

Dark academia vibes crossed with modern vintage patterns is my aesthetic for 2023. I've become increasingly frustrated by the limited options available in the local market to suit my style and body shape and as I become more experienced in fitting and pattern alteration, I'm moving more towards the idea of a MEMADE wardrobe of quality pieces in a cohesive colour palette.
Redecorating my bedroom in the DARK ACADEMIA aesthetic over the xmas break with the elements of the style I already (albeit, unwittingly) possessed, has clarified my stylistic language which I intend to carry over into my personal wardrobe.
Pattern influences draw heavily on structured silhouettes of the 40/50s with a DA colour palette. Independent pattern companies Deer & Doe, PoisonGrrls and Charm by Gertie are favoured in this lineup, as are independent fabric/yarn suppliers Potter & Co and Bendigo Woolen Mills.
dark seamstress
Focussing on classic separates in mostly dark and jewel tones, with a vintage tilt, my pattern choices would give me a good capsule wardrobe to start from and hopefully build upon.  So far, I've complete three Azara & two Brume skirts, two Melilot shirts (all by Deer & Doe), am halfway through the Joanie boatneck jumper by Poison Grrls and started alterations on the pattern block for the D&D Safran jeans.  Finger crossed I can keep up the momentum and "do the thing".
Interested in my progress or just want to keep me accountable?  Head on over to my Canva sewing planner and see how I'm seeing my promises.  Or want to make your own promises to yourself... access my free sewing planner and get started on that MEMADE wardrobe.