Sizing Guide

Taking your measurements

Before ordering any garments from our Ready-to-Wear lines we highly recommend checking your measurements against the size chart for the garment you want to order. We use an Australian standardised sizing system in metric (centimetres), which may differ from your country of origin.


How to measure yourself

You will need a dressmakers tape measure, an assistant or a mirror. To get the most accurate measurements it’s best if you have someone helping you, but if that’s not possible use a full length mirror instead and always triple check your measurements.

  • If you plan on wearing specific underwear or clothes underneath the garment, then measure yourself wearing it
  • Relax and stand naturally
  • Don’t suck in your stomach or hold your breath
  • Keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor all the way around your body
  • Take measurements in centimetres 
  • Compare your measurements to the size chart of the garment you like and select your size 

If you are unsure of the best size for your measurements, or require further instructions, please feel very welcome to contact us.

Whitelane is not responsible for the accuracy of measurements taken by you. Please refer to our refunds, returns and exchanges policies.