Materials selection process


Whether your garment is a bespoke creation or ready to wear, Whitelane prides itself on finding the best materials for your corset. Using sumptuous silk, butter soft leathers, expertly woven European coutil, and the sparkliest rhinestones, your corset is made with the utmost care to showcase the fine materials encasing your silhouette. Bespoke clients have the additional experience of being included in the materials selection process, to create a truly unique garment.


Pattern Design process


Using museum archives, Whitelane draws upon historical reference to create unique corsetry and vintage inspired garments, designed with modern fit and silhouette in mind. Focussing primarily on the Victorian and Edwardian era as an influence for corsetry and the 1930-1950 period for vintage lingerie, the scope of design influence for your next garments is vast. Well versed in traditional construction techniques and couture finishing, your garment is guaranteed to be expertly constructed and beautifully finished, worthy of preservation as an heirloom.


Construction process


Using historically accurate construction processes in the manufacture of your Whitelane corset, is a integral part of our ethos. Here at Whitelane, we strongly believe in preserving living history through the continuation of traditional corsetry construction techniques where possible, as a means to connect with the past and preserve this knowledge for future generations. Combining knowledge of the past with the best modern machinery allows us to produce the beautiful garments that are historically informed, hand finished and expertly constructed to last.


embellishment process


With a background in textile surface decoration and weaving, Whitelane prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of embellishment techniques to the bespoke client. Whether this be constructing a unique fabric for your garment or producing an exquisite heavily embellished lace, we have a wide range of techniques to draw upon to execute your vision.