What to expect at your bridal fitting

What to expect at your bridal fitting

You've found your dream dress and the big day approaches... but you need some tweaks and minor alterations for everything to be perfect.  Lets talk about alterations.


When to book an appointment

It's never too early to make enquires for your appointment, but ideally you should allow at least three months before your big day.  This time frame is is strategic, in that it allows for a number of fittings prior to your wear date, to make sure every thing is to your satisfaction.  Essentially, your first fitting will be three months out, your second fitting two months out and if additional alterations are required there is leeway of 4 weeks to complete those extra final touches.  

Also keep in mind that tailoring and alteration services can be in high demand during certain times of the year, for example formal season.  During these high demand periods, you may need to make enquires with several providers.  You may also want to be mindful of closure periods, such as Christmas/New Years or other cultural holidays.


What to bring to your appointment

You've secured an appointment, now what to bring.  The best advice we could offer regarding what to bring to your appointment is to make sure the following is included

  • The underwear you intend to wear with the dress.  This part of your trousseau should be organised prior to your fitting appointment, as your dress will sit on the body differently with different undergarments.  If you're not sure which pieces to wear, bring a selection and discuss the best options with your tailor.  Such individuals have been trained to enhance the figure through clothing, and lingerie is no exception.  A talented tailor can advise which pieces work the best for your particular gown and your body shape.
  • Your shoes.  Heel height (or the lack of a heel) will be a determining factor in how high to hem your dress.  Hemming is the most common alteration to a bridal gown and it is essential to get right, as many brides are not practiced in walking around in a floor length gown (particularly if it's too long).  You wouldn't want to trip over the hem of your beautiful gown on the big day.  Your shoes will also change your posture and therefore how the gown sits on the body.
  • your accessories, particularly your veil.  If your gown hem is altered, your veil may also need adjustment in length.  It is also wise to bring along other accessories, such as jewellery, to get a complete picture of your ensemble.


How long should a first fitting be

Your first fitting duration will depend upon the complexity of alterations required on your gown, but as a guide this appointment should be between 30mins to an hour.  This fitting is an opportunity to speak with your tailor/alterations seamstress in depth about the vision you have for your dress.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, we are here to help.  If you are unsure, bring a friend or family member to your fitting for support, they may bring a different perspective and ask questions you didn't consider.



Tailoring services will vary greatly between providers, depending upon location, complexity of work to be undertaken and the experience of your tailor.  It's okay to ask for an estimate for your alterations, if you have ample time before the big day and wish to talk to several providers before making a decision.  Just be mindful of time frames if you ask for an estimate and reply to your chosen provider in a timely manner, as services can book out rather quickly.

As a guide, Whitelane has completed alterations that have ranged from as little as $200 to $1000 on the high end of the scale.


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