Designing your own Rhinestone Pasties

Designing your own Rhinestone Pasties

Rhinestone Pasties - the showgirl essential

Am I right?  An absolute essential for your outfit, whether you be burlesque showgirl or pole dancer, one must have a pair of sparkly pasties.


Sparkly pasties are like frosting on a cake.  It adds a little extra something to what's underneath. 


Have you ever wanted to make your own, but don't know where to start?  Well I can help with that... with the Whitelane pastie template planner.

For many years, I would "wing it" when it came to planning out a pair of pasties for a client or just my own creative diversion.  And needless to say, my nature that tends towards careful planning was at odds with this method.  So I had a conundrum to solve.

As I use a specially moulded pastie base, I had to *gasp* cut into a prepared base and sketch out the shape of a 3 dimensional object onto a flat surface, sectioned into eighths.  The image below is the result of this.

 It may look overwhelming, but its based on the simple concept of a mirror image around the eight wedges, such as this.


I tend to plan out ideas with Illustrator these days (to save picking up stray rhinestones out of the carpet), but it works just as well with a printed copy.

Fancy having a go yourself?  Click on this link to download your free copy and let me see your creations with #whitelanepastietemplate

Good luck!